Best advertising networks for bitcoin faucet and other bitcoin-related sites Part 1


This is the first Post with the Best advertising networks, where we show you the easiest monetization methods for bitcoin faucets or other bitcoin-related sites.

Best advertising networks Part 1

Google Adsense


Adsense ist the biggest advertising network in the world, there is no way of avoiding Google Adsense for a successfull bitcoin faucet. No one pays more for Clicks than Adsense. But beware, they have a strict monitoring that their rules are respected.

How much pay Adsense?

As faucet owner you will get the most visitors from Ukraine and Russia. From these countries you get a RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions) around 0,25-0,60 $ . Better are countries like United States, Cananda, Australia and the most european countries. For these you will get 1-5 $ RPM.


  • Best paying advertising network
  • Easy to implement
  • Great user interface


  • a lot of content necessary
  • Registration and Verification takes up a lot of time
  • bitcoin faucet are frowned upon
  • max 3 ad spaces

Mellow Ads


Mellow Ads is a still young bitcoin advertising network. They are the same owner of Bitcoin Zebra, Bonus Bitcoin and other bitcoin faucets. They have plenty of experience and are highly recommended. The advertising system is really easy to use. After the approval of the domain you can create your banner for your site. More than 5 ad spaces are not allowed. They offer the most widespread ad formats.

How much pay Mellow Ads?

They advertising system based on a cpc- and cpm-model. You can allow advertisers to buy views or clicks from your ad spaces. The cpm and cpc-rate is up to you. If no advertisers bid for your ad space, then you will get paid from the network pool of mellow ads. The current CPM-rate is between 10.000 and 15.000 satoshi.


  • One of the best paying bitcoin advertising network
  • Easy to use
  • Paid in Bitcoin currency


  • Required an alexa rank above 1.000.000
  • Small number of advertisers, who bid directly on ad spaces


A-AdsA-Ads is the an anonymous Bitcoin advertising network. That only one what you need is your bitcoin address. The most websites are accepted and you can create ad spaces as many as you like. Advertisers allocate their funds on ad spaces and get a share of impressions from them.

How much pay A-Ads?

Depends on the Advertisers and how much competition they have. It is also worthwhile for websites that don’ t so much traffic.


  • Completely anonymous
  • Tons of Advertisers
  • The easiest to use


  • The revenues are average
  • Website is little confusing