Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services


Online Bitcoin Mining is a good option to receives profit without high risk of losing invested funds. Also you have no electricity costs which will decrease your profit. The most type of Cloud Minig is the Leased hashing power. You just lease an amount of hashing power without to operate your own dedicated server.

It exists a risk of fraud and therefore it is important that you take only trusted websites. Generally you should invest a small amount at the beginning and wait until the first payments.

Please do your own research before considering investing any funds in bitcoin cloud mining.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining


CLDMine is a system to generate cryptocurrency mining algorithms. The system automatically selects the most profitable algorithms for mining. At the beginning you receive 1500 DOGE for free to invest in their cloud mining and also you will receive 10 DOGE for a daily login. Choose from a wide selection of virtual currencies.



Eobot is my favorit. Well, the website is a little confusing and you need a while to orient through the website. But they offer a wide variety of coins that you can mining.


Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining are the largest Bitcoin cloud mining provider. All their bitcoin contracts are lifetime contracts. Use this affiliate code x395PV to get a discount of 3% on all Hashpower packages



Hashocean is another cloud mining services. You’ll receive 15 KH/s as Welcome Bonus. It starting at round about 6$. They have a good ROI-calculator (Return of Invest).


Mining Rig Rentals

Mining Rig Rental is a Marketplace service that lets Bitcoin and Altcoin miners list their hardware on our website for hourly leased contracts, which prospective renters can view and purchase a contract from owners of the hardware. Renters can view the list of hardware available for lease, and purchase a hourly contract from the rig owner.


hashflareHashflare is founded in 2013 and has over 3 years of experience in the field of mining cryptocurrencies. They offer 3 types of cloud mining and it’s starting at 2,20$


Hashnest offer beside mining hardware also a bitcoin cloud services. It makes a trustworthy impression with a great User Interface and a great mobile App.

Some other services will coming soon…