Tips and Tricks to operate a successful bitcoin faucet with Google Adsense


You can generate a good profit as bitcoin faucet owner, but you have consider some points. I’ll show you some of them for a successful bitcoin faucet.

To do’s for a successful bitcoin faucet

1. Avoid invalid clicks

A very important point, if you are using Google Adsense. Adsense will be your main income as bitcoin faucet owner and you should avoid invalid click. 15% and more invalid clicks few month in a row are dangerous and you risk your adsense-account.

If you noticed a drop in revenue or clicks, it is likely caused by invalid activity.

If you noticed a dramatically drop in Revenue, remove your ads from your site and decrease your payout for a while.

2. Country Selection

It is no secret, that you earn more money from rich countries like United States, Canada and the most european countries, than from poor countries like Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, etc.

How do I find out where my visitors come from?

Under you find a php libray named geoiploc.php. Include the  geoiploc.php file and call the function getCountryFromIP($ip, $type = "code") with the IP-Address from your visitors and you will receive their countries.

How do we increase our revenue from Google Adsense?

As faucet owner you will get the most visitors from Ukraine and Russia. Google don’t pay much for these countries. Due to our high payout to Bitcoins, we’ll gain no money with such countries. But without a high payout, we don’t receive a high traffic rate. Now we caught in a incer movement.

The simplest way is to block countries with a low return.

With this decision, we lose a lot of traffic. Whats will happend now? The most visitors from blocked countries will comes through Proxies and count as visitors from countries with a higher RPM.

It’s ok for a short time. A better solution is….

Reduce the payout from such countries with a low revenue with the getCountryFromIp Function.

Here an example:
function get_country() {
    switch (getCountryFromIP(get_ip(), " NamE ")) {
        case "Ukraine":
        case "Indonesia":
        case "Belarus":
        case "Viet Nam":
        case "Greece":
        case "Egypt":
        case "Ecuador":
        case "iraq":
        case "Romania":
        case "Tunisia":
        case "Israel":
            $reduceCountry = 0.3;
        case "Nigeria":
        case "Puerto Rico":
        case "Ghana":
        case "Malta":
            $reduceCountry = 0.5;
        case "Australia":
        case "Denmark":
        case "Luxembourg":
        case "United Arab Emirates":
        case "Belgium":
        case "Ireland":
        case "Switzerland":
        case "Austria":
        case "United States":
        case "France":
            $reduceCountry = 1;
            $reduceCountry = 0.7;
    return $reduceCountry;

3. Block TOR-User

Tor Browser is an anonymous surfing tool and hides all information about the user. Google needs such informations for a better product placing on their ad places. Without any information about the visitor you will get a really low RPM from Google.

Go to the Installation Guide for Apache here.

4. Block all traffic from Host-Provider

The most biggest Bots comes from host-provider like DigitalOcean. Their produce invalid clicks as well. To identify you can use following script-library whois.php from The function calls with the ip address and you receive all information about the ip address, also the hostname.

I have created a text-file with the most host-provider.


and check each visitor with following script.

function checkHostname($username) {
$allow = true;
$lines = file('/listOfHosts.txt');

$match = LookupIP(get_ip());
    foreach ($lines as $line) {
        if (strpos($match, $msg = preg_replace("#[\r\n]#", '', $line)) > -1) {
            return false;
    return $allow;

If you don’t have much experience in programming go to MyIpBlocker provides beside the blocking of countries also the blocking of Tor Browser and all users behind a proxy. These settings are an absolute must as bitcoin faucet owner.

5. Create your own Anti Adblock System

The most anti adblock system will bypassed by Adblock. At the very latest with the extension of greasemonkey for Adblock is your website completely free of advertising.

What we need for a own anti adblock system?

A hidden field into you form

<input type="hidden" id="displayAds" name="displayAds" value="true">

and a Java-Script function between your <HEAD></HEAD>

<script type="text/javascript">
    function checkBrowser() {
        var iFrameBodyHtml = $("#aswift_0").contents().find("body").html();
        if (!iFrameBodyHtml 
        || iFrameBodyHtml.toLowerCase().indexOf("google_ads_frame") == -1) {

Your submit/claim-Button calls the function checkBrowser()

<input type="submit" value="Claim" name="claimSat" 
onclick="checkBrowser();" class="ui primary button">

and check if exiting google_ads_frame or aswift0 in your body content.

Now check on the server side the value.

if ($_POST['displayAds'] == 'false') {
    //Adblock activ

6. Break out of iframes

if you operate a attractive bitcoin faucet and you offer a referral system, you will be linked on many faucet rotators and lists. All rotators works with iframe. Iframe provide a way to embed your website into the website of the rotator.

What’s the negative point of iframes?

  1. With iframe, it is possible to hide all ads on your website.
  2. Bitcoin faucet rotators has many faucets in there. A user of a rotator can run from faucet to faucet without paying attention to content or advertising. You will don’t make money with such users

Ways to break out of iframe

  1. Include following line at the top.


2. Somewhere between <HEAD></HEAD>

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
if (top.location!= self.location) { top.location = self.location.href }
// ]]></script>

7. Bot Protection

Last but not least Bot Protection. You will never generate profit without any Bot Protection. I have wrote an article about this topic. This can you find here: Bitcoin Faucet Protection against Bots


  1. Thanks, I’ve recently been looking for info about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I’ve came upon so far. But, what about the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the supply?

  2. Thanks, I’ve recently been looking for info about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I’ve came upon so far. But, what about the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the supply?